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  • 20-25 Instructors wanted for upcoming project:

    20-25 Instructors wanted for upcoming project:

    German, Austrian, Scandinavian, Belgium, other Western European nationalities on individual basis

    Military background:
    Light Infantry, Armored Infantry, Airborne, French Legion, Special Forces, Recon Units

    Rank and work experience:
    Officer or NCO; equivalent to lieutenant or master sergeant (depending on country; assessment and exceptions on individual basis)
    Minimum 8 years service
    Honorable discharge

    Fluent speaking and writing; all instructions, POIs are in English

    MS Office

    Non-Hostile environment in Middle East

    Team worker, stress resistant

    A benefit would be:
    Certified Instructor: Mortar, sniper
    Certified instructor: Firearms, small unit tactics, driving
    Trained on Russian weapon systems
    Deployment in war zones or regions of crisis: Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa etc
    Arabic speaking

    Contract can be extended to embedded mentors after training

    Must agree on sending photos (portrait, full person) before accepting offer letter from recruiting company

    Details about contract, salary, vacation etc. are not finalized to this point, will be updated ASAP!

    Anmerkung M.Due:
    Dieses ist mal wieder die Chance in ein sehr gutes Projekt unterzukommen. AiK hat bereits an diese Quelle vermittelt. Vergütung etc ist bisher immer überdurchschnittlich/Sehr gut.
    CVs bitte an cv@arbeiten-in-krisengebieten.de senden.
    Mit dem Mail sollte auch die Information kommen unter welchem Namen man auf AiK registriert ist, wenn man dieses ist.