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    CV pool for upcoming Project

    At this stage I’ve only few facts about that Gig as expected start date and what to expect. Financing will be completed shortly and from there things can develop rapidly.
    I’ll share info’s and keep the chosen few updated.
    What I do know for sure it’s a chance to proof the community that German speaking boys ready to make a mark.

    What we’re looking for:

    Regarding Task and Personal exhilaration of the project.
    The project will need the skill set and experience of other branch of service.
    Therefore we are accepting CV's now from different units such as Fallschirmjaeger, Grenardiere, Gebirgsjaeger, Jager, Objectschutzkraefte, etc.
    Minimum service time still is
    8yrs and a bonus for every applicant are special operation skills such as Kampfmittelbeseitigung (EOD), Medic (TCCC, Combat Medic), MOUT/ CQB, CSAR, Forward Air Controller, etc.
    Every applicant
    must be capable of developing and delivering of training.

    German speaking (German, Austria, Swiss)

    Military background:

    Special Operation Forces
    ·German: Kampfschwimmer, KSK,FeSpäh , Kommando Kompanie “Bravo-Kompanien”
    (EGB only with recommendation through accredit SF member)
    ·Austria: Jagdkommando
    ·Swiss: FSK-17, AAD 10, KSK (AGFA)
    Important: multi skill and experience (example: Infantry basic/advance experience then joined SF)

    Officer or NCO
    Minimum 8 years of service
    Honorable discharge

    Fluent speaking and writing; must be able to communicate without hesitation and able to write complex documents in English

    Team worker, stress resistant, Physical Fit

    A benefit would be:
    Combat experience

    How does a complete application look like?
    Cover Letter+ CV+ Dienstzeugniss or equivalent DD214

    Note: All Submitted CV’s will be handled with care and are confidential.
    Every applicant who submits his CV must comply crucial criteria such as:
    ·English is must (written as well spoken)
    ·Availability (If the call comes to move in 72hrs or less. Then its game time NO I can’t because my Grandma has toothache)
    ·Every Application must be completed at the first Time (everything later is as not qualified)

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    Anmerkung M.Due:
    Dieses ist mal wieder die Chance in ein sehr gutes Projekt unterzukommen. AiK hat bereits an diese Quelle vermittelt. Vergütung etc ist bisher immer überdurchschnittlich/Sehr gut.
    CVs bitte an cv@arbeiten-in-krisengebieten.de senden. Stichwort "FSA"
    Mit dem Mail sollte auch die Information kommen unter welchem Namen man auf AiK registriert ist, wenn man dieses ist.